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Real-time GPS asset tracking


Monitor your valuable fleet assets when they're on the road or off the road with GPS tracking.  Locate and recover equipment. Asset trackers feature a ruggedized design and long battery life, suitable for outdoor use and harsh weather. Solar asset tracking devices are also available.

Understand and improve asset utilization

Enhance fleet asset management with deeper insights into how your assets are being used. Report on true asset utilization, dwell time, yard movements and yard entry and exit times. Integration with Geotab means that you can follow trends on asset usage and location directly from MyGeotab.


Phillips Connect AssetTrac


Quick and easy to install — slap and track within minutes. GPS unit is designed to be placed anywhere it’s needed.  Fully integrated with Geotab.  

Phillips Connect SolarNet

Solar-powered GPS device that’s easily installed. Dual mounting options and six-month battery back-up.  Fully integrated with Geotab. 

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